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Understanding Fundraising Laws in Pennsylvania: Your Comprehensive Guide

A person sitting at a desk doing paperwork.

If you are running a charitable entity, there are likely times when fundraising becomes a topic of conversation. Whether you need to fundraise for your upcoming clothing distribution or your next food pantry day, it’s essential to understand and follow the fundraising laws in Pennsylvania that relate to your charity. Grasping the complexities of fundraising … Read more

501(c)(3) Lawyers and the 3 Types of Nonprofits: A Guide to Everything You Should Know

A group of four people sort through food and clothing donations with smiles on their faces.

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in our society. They provide valuable services and support to needy communities and are driven by a mission rather than profit. If you are considering starting a nonprofit or are already involved with one, it is important to understand the legal structure governing these organizations. At May Herr & … Read more

Acknowledging Charitable Donations and the $250 Receipt Rule

While the phrase “the devil is in the details” is commonly used, its origins are unknown. However, it is pretty easy to imagine someone inventing it while dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Sometimes even the simplest and seemingly minor mistakes will cause the IRS to cry foul and, in some instances, those mistakes can … Read more