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Personal Injury Cases and the Role of Insurance Companies: What Should You Know?

An image of two insurance claim forms with car keys on top of the forms, implying it’s car insurance claim forms.

In the realm of personal injury law and personal injury cases, understanding the role of insurance is crucial. Whether you’re involved in a car accident, a workplace injury, or a medical malpractice claim, insurance companies play a significant role in determining the outcome of your personal injury case. These entities play a significant part in determining liability and compensating for damages. However, with their primary aim being to mitigate their financial liability, dealing with insurance companies can quickly become a complex affair.

In this piece, we aim to shed light on the intricate dynamics between personal injury claims and insurance providers. Embark on this journey with us as we untangle the complexities of personal injury cases and the pivotal role played by insurance companies in these instances.

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In Lancaster, Pedestrian Accidents are on the Rise, but Preventable

An image of a silver car on a collision course with a pedestrian

Who is to blame when a pedestrian is injured or killed in an accident with a bicycle, motorcycle, or any other type of motorized vehicle? Who is liable? In two recent Lancaster pedestrian accidents, pedestrians were struck by motor vehicles—one operated by a careless driver and one by an intoxicated driver. Both incidents raised concerns … Read more

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Key Questions to Ask During an Initial Consultation

law book and gavel

A little while ago, we published a blog post sharing our top tips on hiring a lawyer, which include consulting your personal network of friends and family for recommendations and doing some research into the profiles of lawyers in your community to determine potential candidates to handle your case. These tips certainly also apply when … Read more

Can Video Footage Make or Break Your Personal Injury Case?

Surveillance camera on the wall in an office building

It is no secret that video cameras are all around us. In public spaces like stores, banks, airports, and even on the streets of many towns, we are continuously being monitored by video—and often recorded. While video surveillance footage is typically gathered in the name of public safety—by police body cams and traffic cameras, for … Read more

What is a Hit and Run Car Accident?

side profile of a wrecked car after a hit and run accident

In a previous post here on the blog, we detailed the typical process for dealing with hit and run cases when victims are considering their options for pursuing civil action against a hit and run driver. That post covers the basics of what drivers on our Pennsylvania roadways should know—and do—if they become injured in a drunk driving accident or another type of crash in which a responsible party leaves the scene.

But what does the term “hit and run” actually mean? And how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from being left with astronomical medical bills and property damage perpetrated by a hit and run driver? Today’s post offers a little insight into just these questions.

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Our Top Tips on How to Hire a Lawyer

Prospective client meeting with a lawyer for the first time

Whether you’re working through estate administration for a friend or family member and have questions about probate, or you have been hurt in an accident or on the job and need assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney, hiring a lawyer can seem intimidating.

Typing “lawyers near me” into Google and calling the first law firm or solo practice attorney that pops up is risky, as you likely won’t know much about that lawyer’s expertise in the specific area of law you need. And, while most attorneys will be upfront with you about their legal specializations and types of cases they handle, there are some with little experience who may be less than transparent about their credentials.

Indeed, hiring a lawyer is a little bit like interviewing candidates for an essential job in your company. You want to choose a candidate who has the right experience and is an excellent fit for the job you’re offering. However, many people—unless they work in human resources or own their own business—have likely never conducted a hiring process.

That’s why today’s blog post offers some of our best tips on how to hire a lawyer.

Whether you decide to consult with one of our caring family law, estates and probate, or personal injury attorneys here at May, Herr & Grosh, or you go with another law firm, we want you to have confidence in the lawyer you ultimately hire so that your legal matter or case is handled with the proper care.

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Social Media as Evidence: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Concept graphic related to social media and the law

Whether your court case relates to personal injury or a family law matter like divorce or custody, posting the wrong things on social media—even if your account isn’t fully viewable by just anyone—could negatively impact your case.

In an earlier blog post, we talked about how video footage from the scene of an accident or fall can make or break your personal injury case potentially based on mobile device footage taken by someone else. Social media posts made by other parties—or by you yourself—can be harmful, too, whether or not those posts contain video.

The fact is, social media posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like can be found by insurance companies and investigators—and manipulated during litigation and used as evidence against you. And you don’t necessarily need to be in a formal court trial for these posts to reflect poorly on you. Even the most experienced attorneys may not be able to help you prevail if you post certain things online that present you in a negative light to a judge or jury.

Today’s blog post focuses just a little bit more closely on how social media as evidence may be brought to bear in your legal case.

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