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The Hidden Threat: Elder Fraud Abuse and How to Spot the Warning Signs

An older person who looks distressed is being comforted by another adult.

Elder fraud abuse is a growing concern, affecting millions of seniors across the globe. It involves various forms of financial deception and exploitation targeted at older adults, often leading to significant economic loss and emotional distress. With the increasing number of scams and fraudulent schemes, it’s crucial to stay informed about the dangers of elder … Read more

Protect the Older Adults You Love By Being Aware of These 5 Signs of Financial Senior Fraud

A man holding his credit card and talking on the phone with a concerned look on his face.

The digital age brings numerous benefits, including instant communication and easy access to information. However, it also introduces new avenues for financial fraud. This is particularly challenging for older adults in Pennsylvania, who may struggle with understanding new technologies and are often targeted by fraudsters exploiting their trust and occasional isolation. These scams can involve … Read more

Does PA’s Filial Responsibility Law Require You Pay For Your Elderly Parents’ Nursing Care Bills?

Most parents intend to leave some inheritance to their children. However, a Pennsylvania law can also cause a parent to leave their children with significant debt. The law is commonly referred to as the filial responsibility law. This law requires spouses, children, and parents of indigent persons to care for and financially assist them. Contact May Herr … Read more