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Ask These 4 Questions Before Hiring a Business Lawyer in Lancaster, PA

There are many circumstances in which you might need the services of a business lawyer in Lancaster, PA. Perhaps you’re naming your small business or choosing its legal structure. You might be drafting business contracts or other legal documents. Or you may need help with legal matters surrounding a lease of commercial property, a particular business transaction, or an employment law question.

When it comes to Lancaster legal services, it’s common to think only of corporate law when it comes to big businesses. However, even the smallest business is wise to secure a business attorney from the very start before complicated legal issues arise. When your law firm knows the intricacies of your business, discovery and processes can be streamlined.

But how can you, a business owner, be sure to choose a business lawyer in Lancaster, PA, who’s the right fit for your venture? At May Herr & Grosh, we believe that finding Lancaster legal services tailored to your needs is a key component of success, so we’re sharing the four most important questions you should ask any business lawyer before hiring a firm.

1.  What Are Your Business Law Qualifications and Credentials?

Not every attorney specializes in business formation and structure or ownership changes. A real estate lawyer, for example, may be accomplished in their field, but that doesn’t mean they are well-versed or experienced in business law.

Ask for a list of business law credentials, years of experience as a business lawyer, and any awards the attorney and the firm may have received. At May Herr & Grosh, Attorneys Brad Zuke, Eric Schelin Rothermel, and Matthew A. Grosh practice business and/or corporate law.

2.  Do You Specialize in Lancaster Legal Services?

Lancaster County covers a large area and is home to many different types and sizes of businesses. However, one thing they all have in common is their tie to an area rich in history. Our close-knit communities range from traditional to progressive, and the businesses contained within each area have helped to shape that culture.

Our law firm has been delivering legal services to a wide range of Lancaster County businesses for over 30 years. Our business attorneys are active members of this community, they know the economic landscape of Lancaster County and understand what makes it unique from other markets.

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3. What Is Your Business Law Specialty?

There are several different types of business attorneys, each focusing on a particular field of business law. Will you need a long-term business attorney to handle a variety of tasks? Or do you have one specific need at this time? The first step is understanding your business’ unique legal needs and then asking a business lawyer if their credentials and experience match your requirements.

Types of business lawyers include:

  • Formation and Succession Planning Lawyer: If you’re starting, buying, or selling a business, acquiring part or all of a business, or merging with another business, a lawyer experienced in those areas will be familiar with the process and all required documents. They will know what needs to be filed at what time and guide you through negotiations (for your protection and benefit).
  • Employment and Labor Lawyer: When your business has employees, an employment law attorney will stay informed about changes in labor laws, help with drafting employee handbooks and safety manuals, and provide guidance in matters that could lead to workplace discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination or death cases.
  • Contract Lawyer: An attorney experienced in commercial contracts can review and draw up documents that protect your business and its interests.
  • Tax Lawyer:   A business law attorney can advise you on the tax advantages of different business entity structures and coordinate those with your CPA.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer: These types of lawyers protect what you and your business create from copyright, trademark, and patent infringements. An IP lawyer can also be helpful if you’re being accused of infringing on the aforementioned.
  • General Business Lawyer: For all things related to business, in general.
  • Corporate Lawyer: For concentration on the formation and operations of corporations.

4.  What Types of Businesses Do You Work with Most Often?

If you are managing a large corporation, a lawyer who only has experience working with small mercantile operations might not be the right attorney for you. Similarly, a corporate attorney might not be the best fit if you are a start-up searching for help with routine legal matters.

Nuances like these can make big differences in results. If the answer is something entirely different than the business you’re opening, operating, buying, or selling, it’s best to look for a business lawyer in Lancaster, PA, who precisely suits your needs.

We Are Business Lawyers in Lancaster, PA

At May Herr & Grosh, we aren’t just business lawyers who work with Lancaster, PA, businesses. We are business lawyers IN Lancaster, PA. That means we know the landscape, the people, and most importantly, Lancaster, PA businesses. With us as your attorneys, you’ll have what you need to stay protected and what it takes to be successful here.

We are law professionals, but we’re also business professionals. Let us help your business with the Lancaster legal services you need most. Get in touch with us today.

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